Wonderful carpet of great and special effect.
A remarkable rug of substantial size and a most unusual design : it's characterized by a different structure from the classical canons of the carpets in this kind.
In this case there are more fields enclosed one inside the other one, where the change of colour, reversal between the inner field and the outer, can be appreciated.
The internal innermost field is gold, where innumerable hazel-coloured internal leaps immediately stand out, hazel which is the same dominant colour of the outer field.
With these interior decorations it is possible to appreciate the high quality and the value of wool, giving to the viewer an important effect almost lifelike leaves.
The intermediate field is beige-gold, where there is a medallion with floral elements for each side of the rug.
Final element of beauty is the effect of the external black border; it's seems to be a turf that comes into harmony and communion with the inner nature of the carpet.
Vegetable colours
Very good condition
Sizes 3.55 × 2.74 mt.
ILS #1422
  • Year:
    1895 - 1910