ITALYFESTYLE is membership in an exclusive club that operates with competence, seriousness and confidence alongside of the client enhancing the investments, also in EXCLUSIVE and RESERVED form.

The portal ITALYFESTYLE has the purpose to make available a virtual window for the promotion of real objects, valuable, products and made in Italy, and with the features of the style and italian living. Many objects are NOT PUBLISHED for reasons of our customers privacy.

Italyfestyle works in the fields of luxury real assets sectors, vintage cars and motorbikes, boats, artwork and jewelry, diamonds, through a network of partners and collaborators who offer their specific skills of the sector, helping to ensure an offer and an advice to broad spectrum and enriched by an experience of high value.

Italyfestyle has the merit to combine into a single operating model the various investment solutions, responding with exclusive solutions, valuable, high added-value, to the different investment needs.

Italyfestyle, alongside the CLIENT promotes the culture, works and objects made and produced in Italy generating value for the client who perceives the need to invest in assets with features recognizable and identifiable, for "lifestyle" and culture.

Italyfestyle associates to their own offer a wide range of services, that make it unique the proposal, with the target of delivering a complete product and made to measure, obtained comparing with a single professional figure, a project manager able to interact in a transversal way on the various sectors of investment and services offered.

The Italyfestyle's consultants share a standard protocol, highly qualitative and performing, which doesn't fall outside never by ethical values and moral to the basis of ILS’s philosophy.